Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Spam sucks...

I have two accounts, one of which (unfortunately my main one) is impossible to use due to the daily choking of spam. I get about 250 spam messages on it a day. No joke. The filters do catch 90% of it, but that still leaves 25 a day to clean out manually. I think I'll make it one of my goals this year to keep my email down to 0 each day.

Anywho, good morning. I'm slowly adjusting my schedule (goal #19) waking up earlier and earlier each day (today it was 0609h). One day I'll be at the goal time of 0500h, which will let me exercise in the mornings, meditate, and do my brain exercises all without losing my schedule. I think that I'll also work on posting twice a day, once at the beginning of each day, and once at the end. It'll help to bracket my day a little bit. At the very least recording my waking time in the morning will let me keep track of my progress.

Speaking of progress tracking, while 43things is a great tool for making resolutions, it's not so good at tracking progress. I may have to create a tool for this, because there doesn't seem to be a good one out there to record this kind of general progress. For now, I'll keep the info in an XML, just to parse it later. One of my biggest problems though is that I don't like to record failure. That'll be a psychological hurdle for me to surpass.

At least I'm not feeling nearly as groggy as I was yesterday. That's an improvement.

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