Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Music and muses...

I just saw this utterly beautiful video on the Fred and thought I'd pass it along. A little early for Valentine's Day, but for some reason this is the right song at the right time for me. The song was done by Amplifico, and they have more songs and an album release real soon, but to download the songs you have to register (might not be a bad idea, but I'm always cautious about such things). I will be writing a post soon about muses, because I saw this really great exhibit at the Met with my sister during the holiday where the muses and sirens in this piece were competing. I didn't know the siren myth at the time; it's interesting to note that while the sirens are cursed for they transgression in believing that they could compete with the muses, they were put up to it by Hera, so the whole thing is just another cruel joke the muses and the gods play. Short end of the story, our muses are not always on our side. It's a good thing to know, and I'll elaborate tomorrow.

Happy new year!

My resolutions this year are taking a new tack... I already blogged about this earlier in December, and I'm still deciding on which ones to do. I am limiting myself this year instead of going hogwild but I will still be maintaining my 43things account to keep in touch with the long term goals. My New Years celebration was wonderful yet ultimately tiring. I will write more about it tomorrow, but for now I need time to recover from the craziness that was this holiday season. :D