Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hard to hold onto resolutions...

Haha, so much for updating every day. I'm lucky to get every other day.

However, I did make progress. I got into Wesabe, which is an interesting form of free Quicken for the web. It is rather slick, and has already spotted issues with my spending habits. I need to review all of my subscription services and clarify if I need them or not. Thank you again Lifehacker.

I've also really optimized my method of using Google Notebook. I now have the browser extension that lets me insert notes into a right click. I will be appending some insightful quotes into a links-tagged posting on an occasional basis. I do read a whole lot of news sites between coding jobs and this tool really makes it easy to recall all that I found interesting or relevant.

This weekend will be dedicated to organizing papers. I have a whole stack, and with taxes looming, it'd be a good time to start preparing.

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