Saturday, January 6, 2007

So much for keeping up on things....

Well that was an enduring week. I work in the financial sector, and the culture there encourages many extra man-hours. This 3 day week I put in only 40. At the very least they gave us more vacation, woo-hoo! I do love my job, but the culture can foster burnout if you're not prepared to balance your life. Anywho, that explains the hiatus. That and my laziness. :)

As far as my goal progress... I added more this week, yet they didn't hit me hard because I don't look at my goals on a daily basis. I'll need to build an applet for that. I already have it hooked into my Google page (using this) and that helps me remember at work. I also use the Google notebooks on my main page to record stuff regarding my goals while I'm at work so I remember to bring it home. I have started to read more, and I will be adding a link to my page that will let you know what I'm currently reading and maybe some blog posts about it as well. One of my goals this year is not only to read more but also to digest more of what I read instead of letting it flow in one eye and out the other. I am reading the MindHacks book right now, and although it's not a real hacks book per se, it teaches you about the brain and all that it is capable of. This book and the Lifehacker blog are part of the reason I wanted to start this blog in the first place. I wanted to record my progress on my resolutions, as well as the applications of life hacks on my own life, hence the term Viviomancy (not in dictionary, vivi = living, mancy = divination or presumption, aka attempting to predict the effects of hacks on my own life and analyzing my efforts). Besides, the term just sounds cool.

I'm also going to start another Mark Haddon book (I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time last year and loved it). How I came upon this book is rather interesting. I lend my stuff all the time, and am really patient about it. I have lost things because of this, but I don't care. You lend something to somebody when you don't use it anymore and you think that they'd benefit from it. Whether or not you get it back is moot because my rule is that I only lend out one thing at a time to a given person, meaning they could benefit more if they returned items. That being said, things do happen. I lent my copy of Curious Incident to a friend at work. She read the book but was in the process of moving and misplaced it. These things happen; she was so upset about it though, that not only did she buy me a new copy of the book but bought me another book by the same author. This kind of karmic action is really moving, and she totally earned points in my book from it. Funny enough, when she gave me the book I'm starting this weekend (A Spot of Bother) , her husband found Curious Incident in his nightstand. It seems that the book is spreading, which makes me happy.

Anyway, I'm adding another resolution to my list; I will update on a daily basis. This way I keep up on my items, review them and maybe make progress on them.

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