Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watching Lost...

...and still amazed at how it still surprises me. That and South Park are the only TV I watch anymore. It's evidence of fate that these two shows are on at the exact same time. Thank god for Tivo and the fact that South Park was a rerun.

I'm reading Flow by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi. It's an eye-opener, and talking about an experience of self that happens when I code, or write in a flush, or swim for an hour non-stop. It's amazing the amount of research that went into that book. I also have Chi Running on queue, and may start it at the same time.

I read an interesting post on The Simple Dollar. This guy claims to read 4 books a week. I'd be happy with two, especially if I get better comprehension out of it. However, one thing that rang true through the article was how much time I've been wasting. If he has enough time to dedicate at least 8 hours a week reading, I can at least dedicate as much to read 2 books at my own relaxing pace. It's at least better than wasting time with my console collection.

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