Monday, April 2, 2007

777 stars...

and still climbing. If you're wondering which game, it's called Sudoku Gridmaster for the DS. I wouldn't recommend it; I just happen to like Sudoku a whole lot. I probably will get sick of all things Sudoku when I beat everything in this game. Part of the reason I'm playing through every puzzle is that I can only find cheat pages (really just unlockables) for this game. I cannot find a proper FAQ anywhere. I know there isn't that much to say about Sudoku (puzzle solving tips, perhaps), but no one seems to say what happens when you either a) get 1000 stars or b) solve every puzzle. I know solving every puzzle will do one thing: after solving the Platinum test (in 2:55 now, I'm getting embarrassingly good at it) it adds up your times for every puzzle and displays that time or 999h59m59s otherwise. Any unsolved puzzle is scored at 99h59m59s, so you won't see any difference unless you solve all but 9 puzzles at least. There are 193 puzzles remaining. One puzzle a day will take me until October 12th, and I'll probably finish before that, since I've owned the game less than 6 months and solved 211 puzzles in it which averages to >1 puzzle a day. Enough geekdom; getting ready for work.

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