Thursday, March 8, 2007

Random thoughts day...

In honor of the book Freakonomics, that great economics text that had no central point other than to express how economists think, here are a few random thoughts out of my own head.
  1. My neck hurts.
  2. I didn't start feeling better from my sickness until I went out with friends and threw back a couple of beers. Try to explain that Levitt!
  3. It's hard to be creative on a daily basis.
  4. I drink a whole lot of caffeine.
  5. Tomorrow is Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day. Thanks to Zefrank for posting an awesome video podcast!
  6. My neck still hurts, probably from the way I type lying down in front of my lappy. I'm sure that Stephen and Steven have some statistics on that relating it to the Edo Period and literary development. To prevent them from writing another paper, I decided to sit up.
  7. Microsoft's mistrust campaign with iTunes worked. Apple claims that it is compatible, but because I'm fighting the urge to struggle against it, my iTunes library still sits on my older XP machine.
  8. I really love coding in Haskell. I hate reading Perl written by a coder who uses it as a fancy scripting language.
  9. I LIKE the name Worse Than Failure! Even so, I still like the reaction from coworker's faces when they see my WTF mug at work. :D
  10. For that matter, SELECT should be renamed GIMMIE. It seems that anyone asking me to use SELECT in my code is begging like a little child for something.
  11. Right now I think that the two Stephens should write an article about Open Source.
  12. I am now laying back down due to laziness.
  13. I know that I can come up with twenty of these.
  14. Doesn't Guinness give me hangovers? Isn't that what they say about dark beers?
  15. It's really flipping cold outside. Just thinking about it made me fart.
  16. I'm finally accepting the fact that I'll be living under my own power for the rest of my life.
  17. Fashion sense is a total mystery to me. So is South Park, but at least I enjoy that. Crap, I missed Lost last night. At least I have a DVR.
  18. I want to throw out half of all I own. Or at least give it away. I'm such a cluttered person, and I sure that the two Stephens would correlate that to my obesity.
  19. Kohina means white noise in some Scandinavian language.
  20. There is something cool about the glow of a black screen in a dark room.
There. I feel less creatively constipated now. Time to sleep.

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