Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Small thanks

Lately I've found myself doing a curious thing with my mail at work. I will label each email that has a thank you that is in whole or in part directed at me, and label it "gratuity". I then reread these emails at the end of the week, via an automatic Outlook search folder. This allows me to do two things:
  1. It allows me to reflect on the good that I did during the week. Many times at work I may get the incorrect impression that I'm not doing a good enough job, or that I'm doing thankless tasks. This allows me to remember that I'm not.
  2. It also lets me know who is most thankful of my work, and this is the person who has the best impression of me, implying that this person is one I don't ever want to let down.
Does this seem simple or trite? It's not to me; even if the person is saying thank you in an offhand manner, it still conveys some level of gratitude. It also reminds me to respond in kind. I used to be "that guy", the one who wouldn't send thank-you cards. I now understand the importance of them, because even though I do so in a methodical manner (as methodical as my lazy-ass can become) I now realize that all people do the same thing, just more commonly on a more subconscious level.
I am typing this on my new laptop (thanks Mom and Dad!) and am now realizing that because of the small keyboard I end up typing across on my border letters again. I once broke that habit by only using split keyboards. Unfortunately I have redeveloped this habit. I can't complain too much though; the laptop kicks too much ass for me to begrudge it. :)
So, here's to breaking old habits, and hopefully forming new ones. Time for me to write a thank-you letter to my parents. They'll think that I've gone off my meds.

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